The Random Movie Review: Milk

Dear People who have seen this blog,
I am irregular in posting, I realize, but I am making up for it with Milk, Sean Penn’s latest movie directed by Gus Van Sant.

Sean Penn is an actor that can take on a good role and make it great. That’s Harvey Milk, an aggressive and open man. Sean Penn deserves his Academy Award because his portrayal of a headstrong gay man who wants to take charge of the movement and all the other gay people out there is compelling and a reflection of what Harvey Milk did. Gus Van Sant takes that volatile substance of Sean Penn and mixes it with his own style, creating a fusion of emotion, history and America. This isn’t like a period drama, because it isn’t. It is honest and funny, dramatic and ethical. The screenplay by Dustin Lance Black has some really good lines like “If a bullet should enter my brain, let the bullet destroy every closet door.” or “Can two men reproduce? No, but God knows we keep on trying.” The fact that the movie doesn’t cover Milk’s life, but only 8 years gives us not a period piece, but a drama. There’s a lot of archival footage in this movie, and Gus Van Sant makes use of it. If you take a moment in history like the Hope speech by Harvey Milk, replace Milk with Penn and change all the other actors, you got that scene in Milk. So faithful, but not boring, because its real. The other supporting actors are also great, especially Emile Hirsch as Cleve Jones and James Franco as Scott Smith. Casting was done so well that Emile Hirsch became Cleve Jones’ reflection and the same for Penn for Milk. Overall, exceptional 70’s art from Gus Van Sant and all thanks to Sean Penn and Harvey Milk because without them, it would have been something different.


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