Dexter S01E01: "Dexter"

So I am now revamping my dormant site into a record of anything I have read or watched…or maybe even heard. I see a lot of stuff in a single year…I must as well make a note of what I saw when. So whatever I see from now on goes straight in the blog, regardless of the circumstances. I may break this rule in a couple of days.

I just saw the pilot for the hit series Dexter. I’d never seen it before, but since I had watched the Emmys in the morning, I came across it. My love for American television has been renewed by The Shield and more recently Breaking Bad, after I was sad to see good ‘ol Jack say goodbye in the series finale of 24. I’ve tried out 16 episodes of Lost, but I got out of it…I think I need to watch it after the whole hype about the final episode. I experimented with Twin Peaks, Leverage, and even Weeds before I had a movie phase…and now I think I’m ready for a new drama series and that may be Dexter. If not, I’ll move on to the HBO saga The Sopranos (of which I have the DVDs for the first 2 seasons, or start watching Damages, because I love Glenn Close after Season 4 of The Shield (which is personally my fave season). But getting back to this one…

I’ve never reviewed a TV episode before, so I honestly do not know how to start…First off, I like Dexter. I think it’s a show that’s dark, but quirky, different and interesting. It has an intriguing log line: a “good” serial killer. It’s a show that basks in gray sunlight. Moral lines are broken by a protagonist that kills and enjoys it. And the pilot, I hope, sets the tone for the season.

Dexter starts off with Dexter Morgan on one of his midnight jaunts. He’s a blood splatter expert a.k.a forensics in Miami and he’s good at what he does because of his hobby: serial killing. But Dexter doesn’t target innocent people and children. And that’s where the audience watches as the show treads morally gray territory. The pilot introduces not only the characters that make up Dexter’s life: his sis, his girlfriend, his late father and his boss among many others, but also a rival that might be better than even Dexter himself…

Dexter has some fresh material to stand on, apart from it’s premise. It stars Michael C. Hall as Dexter, and you may have seen him in Six Feet Under. Here, he plays Dexter cold, calculated and detached, with dashes of black humor. He plays a complex character and it will be interesting to see how his personality develops throughout the season. Another entertaining addition to Dexter is Dexter’s voice-over, which is noir-ish and insightful. This is Dexter’s story, and no one else’s. The Miami setting adds to the flavor of the pilot, drugs will play an important part in the crimes I guess…the supporting characters are also entertaining, notably Sgt. Doakes, Deb and Harry Morgan, Dexter’s dad.

Overall, the pilot was refreshing after my hiatus from U.S. drama. Let’s see how it goes.


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