Dexter: "Crocodile"

Multi-layered writing and the introduction of an awesome credits sequence, this episode shows why Dexter is a good show to watch.

“Crocodile” was a fun episode to watch. The first thing that made my eyes get glued to the screen was the cool credits sequence that the Dexter team have made involving Dexter’s morning routine. It’s filled with close-ups and tongue-in-cheek references to his double life, but it’s also filled with cool close-ups that aren’t in TV shows. That said, the rest of the episode was as enjoyable.

The multi-layered structure of this episode must be how all the other Dexter episodes will be, and I love how it jumps from one sub-plot to the next with ease. Dexter’s voice-over adds to humor at points like when Deb asks him about the fingernails (Tag, Dexter, you’re it). A character I have started to like is Dexter’s colleague Angel, because the show doesn’t portray him as a dumbass cop to whom Dexter has to explain everything, but as a cop who helps Dexter in investigations.

There were two high points for me in this episode. One, Deb getting promoted and two, Dexter questioning his principles about killing and whether he should blatantly break them for the benefit of the world. That was resolved simplistically. Number one brings up questions like how is Deb going to handle herself without Dexter giving inputs half the time? And how is her relationship with Laguerta going to change? A subplot I’m eager to watch develop is Dexter’s relationship with Rita. How will the writers build it? One thing I was disappointed with was the flashbacks of the episode. I didn’t feel it was resolved right. Did Dexter’s father use Dexter to kill the guy who killed his partner? Or did Dexter’s father kill him? A resolution like that would’ve provided more insight into how Dexter evolved into such a sophisticated murderer…but it doesn’t matter. This show is fledgling and even the writers were new to it.

Overall, I understand that the finale will be Dexter’s meeting with the Ice Truck Killer, but the writers have created one hell of an antagonist for this show. Can’t wait for the next one.


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