Dexter: ‘Let’s Give The Boy A Hand’

Twists and turns from start to finish, is episode focuses solely on the Ice Truck Killer and is engrossing from start to an explosive finish.

I have understood the metaphorical subtext of Dexter’s theme. It’s this: everyone wears a mask to cover their true appearances, and Dexter is only the physical manifestation of this fact. I won’t mask my glee in discovering this fact, but it was something I should have known from learning of the premise.

This episode starts with the police finding an amputated hand in Petrey Beach (“Interesting handjob”). Dexter seems to remember the place…but he just can’t put his finger on it. The Ice Truck Killer is back, but this time there’s blood. Dexter realizes that The Killer’s game is becoming more personal than he expected. Doakes is in danger of being killed by Guerrero, Angel wants the perfect anniversary gift and Rita is having neighbor problems. It culminates in an explosive scene where the Killer hands a victim to Dexter gift wrapped…I won’t spoil it for you.

The first thing that I loved about this episode was how the writers used Halloween quite nicely as the backdrop. Dexter wasn’t alone in wearing a mask and his thoughts showed that. Another thing that I loved was how the Killer’s methods weaved in Dexter’s memories and how that affects him. There were quite a non-linear flashbacks here, but they all contained Harry’s lessons to Dexter about fitting and blending in. The final scene was the best, but it only strengthened Dexter’s beliefs in The Code of Harry.

Rita took a hard stance in this episode when her neighbor’s dog keeps yapping and her children can’t sleep. Dexter couldn’t do anything and she looked kick-ass in a Lara Croft costume. I can’t wait to see the confrontation between Dexter and the Killer simply because the Killer is raising the stakes and is making it more personal for Dexter. The subtext that surrounds Dexter is great only because the other characters don’t have the pieces of the puzzle that Dexter has.

All in all, Dexter is turning out to be a show I can’t wait to continue.


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