Dexter: ‘Love American Style’

More parts funny than drama, Dexter takes more of a comedic stance with it’s characters. End result: two thumbs up.

I thought this episode threw the drama out of the window (except for the final minute). It played on character quirks and misunderstandings namely Masouka, Doakes and Dexter. Yes, there was drama, but it was handled in a not so dramatic way. But it was a fresh take just after the last one which was filled with action.

Dexter is definitely changing in character. When he has a midnight jaunt this time to get proof of his target’s activities, he has random thoughts about Rita and the kids. Is he emotionally affected by Rita but doesn’t know it? He keeps saying that he needs to break up with her, but he doesn’t do it. He doesn’t want a relationship and wants to be alone, but being with her is nice. What’s going on? One of the funny scenes was when Dexter asks the target and his wife (when they’re strapped in plastic) what the secret is to a healthy relationship. It was like a Coen quirk.

The other funny moments were when Doakes was interviewing Perry or Masouka was fussing about rats. Doakes is a hothead, and the writers must have realized that an angry Doakes blasting Masouka and Perry would be extremely funny, and it is. I should find out who plays Doakes…Tucci was also well played, especially in the blindfold scene. Angel got close to Dexter’s secret; I thought he would find the box but put it back.

The flashbacks this time around dealt with Dexter and girls. They were really short, but what relevance did they have to the episode. Nothing, I felt, apart from the fact that he’s faking his relationships, which we already know. One of the final shots at the end was a chiller: there was a witness to what he did. Will that be played up in the next episode? I can’t wait.

Here’s to you, Dex.


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