Oscar live blog

Jean dujardin: I’m not a star, im human?

The fashion analysts carefully analyse tina fey and some actress’s skin tone…

It’s funny how the actors look so listless right after their quickie interview ends in front of the camera..

You have to watch snl’s parody of unstoppable: chugga chugga choo choo!

Jlo should be asked why she’s still in hollywood…

Jlo on why she loves the oscars: publicity through cleavage…

Nick nolte looks like hes confused as to why he’s here…

How is zach galifiankis a legendary actor?

Penelope cruz says she had nothing to do with he dress…what does she usually do?

Where’s javier bardem? Oh yeah being a badass villain on the set of skyfall…

I’m probably not going to watch te Oscars fully…accomplished that mission last night.

This reporter uses adjectives involving the loss of breath with regards to describing women…

It’s sad to think that while these pretentious douches are patting themselves on the back…there are Somalian kids who can’t afford to see movies…#feelingguilty

Wonder if the muppets are walking the red carpet…oh Jason segel is…

Never try watching the tree of life when you feel the least bit sleepy…I tried that..

Brad Pitt is still playing Billy beane….

Every celebrity is “stunning”…

I thought Rooney mara would show up as lisbeth salander…

Jlo was watching the artist on valentines day #vetti

Billy crystal before the ceremony: oh honey, not again…

Why didn’t they show sacha baron Cohen as the dictator on the red carpet?

I got bored already….


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