Why Desmond Hume is the best character of Lost (until Season 4)

I’ve been on a Lost marathon for the last month now and I’ve finished the first four seasons. For those of you who were born on an island much like the one in Lost, the show is about a plane crash in the middle of the South Pacific and follows the survivors of that crash. It ran from 2004 to 2010. Right now, it is quite brilliant. And that’s because of one particular Scottish character: Desmond Hume. Desmond is played by Henry Ian Cusick, who really does a fantastic job portraying a person whose life meant nothing until he realized what he was supposed to do, twice. Here’s why he’s awesome:

  • The Accent: Desmond is Scottish, and his accent is so kick-ass. Every word that he says sounds cool.
  • The Line: One of the most oft-quoted lines from the show is from him. “I’ll see you in another life, brother.” Of course, only when he says the line, it’s cool. 
  • The Girl: Desmond’s girlfriend in the show is Penelope Widmore, played by the super hot Sonya Walger. So whenever he has a flashback arc in an episode, you’ll be sure she’ll appear somewhere.
  • The Constant: One of the most superb episodes of LOST involves our man jumping between two realities. He’s gotta stop jumping before he gets an aneurysm like George Minkowski. Fucking awesome, brotha.

(Update: I’m done with Lost now)


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