TDKR stuff

In exactly 9 days, a storm will hit the world, a fire will rise, a legend will come to an end, and ****ing awesomeness will prevail. THE DARK KNIGHT RISES.

You might be asking yourself, why the ***k is it SO important? It’s a movie, ***king big deal. Millions of those get released every year…

Yeah, like this one. SOOOO Original and SOOOO amazing.

 (Why the ***k did I have an inkling that this would be an awesome movie?)

Yeah, you get what I mean? Cinematic Trash litters the streets of Hollywood, and from the rubbish a dark phoenix rises, cape blazing and suit gleaming. A hero that has already made the ultimate sacrifice, but he’s not done…not yet. A legend that faces one more challenge. BATMAN. And the stakes have been pushed higher by a bunch of other superheroes in an alternate reality: The Avengers. 
But really, though I haven’t done a full review of it yet (because I want to see it for a second time), The Avengers doesn’t ***king compare to The Dark Knight Rises. I see The Avengers as a bunch of toddlers having fun while dealing with their tantrums while Batman’s the adult in the superhero family, who takes responsibility head on. Sure, you might complain about grittiness vs. fun, but twenty years from now, this trilogy will stand on its own two feet, side by side with Adam West’s Batman and Tim Burton’s Batman and Batman: The Animated Series, and the comic books of course. The Avengers, on the other hand, will be remembered not for the movie, but for the way Marvel put together its studio assembly line up from Iron Man in order to do justice to its characters. And thematically, Nolan’s trilogy covers almost every aspect of what a superhero is. The challenge for Warner Bros. after TDKR is how they can justify a reboot without compromise. 
He’ll still kick all their asses.
(Turn up the volume to full, and lean back for awesomeness)
But why is TDKR so important for me?
  • I’ve grown up with Batman since I was a kid back in the US. I used to watch the Animated Series when it was syndicated in the evenings with macaroni and cheese (I’m actually disappointed that I didn’t catch it when it originally ran. It stopped 7 months after I was born.)
  • I had a Batman suit (technically nightsuit, but okay…)
  • I’ve actually seen the old Adam West Batman and the 2004 animated series on Indian TV (Pogo to be specific).
  •  I’ve got the ’90s movies in a box set.
  • I saw Batman Begins and The Dark Knight in their opening weekends in India. 
  • I have The Dark Knight ORIGINAL Dvd (that’s kind of important because India has shitty cyber laws so we can download whatever we want any time…just saying…hardly anyone buys DVDs these days).
  • I have The Long Halloween (US version).
  • I have the first XBOX Batman game released in 2001 (
  • I’ve read a lot of Batman comics (downloaded them and strained my eyes reading them on the computer. Beat that, geeks!)
  • I’m going to Hyderabad, ANOTHER CITY, to catch TDKR in IMAX (because Nolan said so himself and because it’s so epic and because when you’re watching a 165 minute film, it’s best to get the most out of it. 

You get the idea, I’ve lived with the Bat for so long that going for any Batman film is like hanging out with an old friend and watching him do crazy shit. 

So, 9 more days. 216 more hours of nail biting tension. And then, HE WILL RISE!!!


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