The search for the perfect place to watch TDKR

If you’ve read my last post, you know that I’m kind of obsessed about The Dark Knight Rises, which is releasing on July 20 (less than a week!). In that obsession, my buddy Rahul and I decided to journey to another city, Hyderabad, to watch it. The reason for this decision is that Hyderabad has an IMAX theater, one of the few in India. I’ve actually seen films in this IMAX a long time ago, because I used to live in that city (can’t remember much though).

A couple of days back, Rahul literally frightened me by saying that The Hyderabad IMAX is actually inferior to the IMAX in another city, Mumbai (the home of Bollywood) for two reasons: H-IMAX is a flat screen IMAX and M-IMAX is a domed IMAX and M-IMAX has digital projection (the new kind of projector) while H-IMAX is still stuck with a traditional projection system. I decided to do some hunting for myself, and here are some articles for those of you who are doubtful as to which IMAX to go to for TDKR,  because you’re worried about the best viewing experience for it (who wouldn’t be plagued by that kind of question?!?!?!)

This first one is about the difference between the kind of IMAXes that are available and why it’s important to stick with the told school stuff:

The next two links are for forums with people debating dome vs. flat:
These links have convinced me on two counts:

  1. When it comes to content, Domes are preferable for documentary films, like following underwater life, or exploring space films, because they are slowly paced, and does not follow a narrative story structure that normal films have. For a movie like TDKR that has 100 minutes of action, the dome makes you disoriented in the wideness of it. 
  2. When it comes to the technical aspect, Domes have more distortion and disorientation as well. Domes are newer than flats, so I guess tech has to be perfected to remove those bugs and issues.

The last link shows how H-IMAX is pure, old-school 15 perf, 70mm IMAX, not lieMAX:

And so, TDKR will be the most amazing in H-IMAX. Go see it there if you can. I’ll deliver a final verdict once I have.


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