Waiting in Hyderabad…

I’m sitting in a dimly lit room, alone, with a laptop in front of me, typing away on a new blog post. I’ve been left by Rahul, who’s upstairs watching The Wire, and Pranay, who, in 30 minutes, will be in heaven. I’m in a lot of distress and pain. But how did I get here?

It was supposed to be a simple plan, but nothing ever is that simple. Leave on the overnight train to Hyderabad, spend a day, get back. Done. And yet, here I am, on my second day in Hyderabad, an unknown city, the city from my past. A past embedded deep within, so deep it’s almost invisible. But as memories flash across my mind’s eye time and again, I know it exists.

You readers (if you exist), are already privy to my love for the movie of the year, THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. I’ve already posted about it twice, and have mentioned that I’ve planned to watch it in IMAX, Hyderabad. So we pre-booked for TDKR on July 8 through bookmyshow.com. We were so kicked. Wednesday came, bookings opened at 9, and………….we got screwed so badly. Hyderabad has a weird system of doing things: they open the counters first to people and sell as many tickets as they can in the initial couple of hours. Then they open up to their online partners for pre-bookings/advance bookings. BMS screwed us because we didn’t get any confirmation on our order. So we canceled that and tried to book the tickets then and there. We finally managed to get tickets for Saturday night, 8 pm. In our anticipation to see the movie on Friday, we had already got train tickets for Wednesday night. We didn’t want to cancel them, and so we left. The question in everyone’s head was: “What are going to do in Hyderabad for 4 days?” I’m asking myself that question over and over again as I type this.

Anyway, the train ride was uneventful. Saw a couple of rats. Indian trains have them all the time. I was shitting my pants when I saw this huge rat, in the early morning as we entered Hyderabad station, that could have doubled as a small cat. The lady opposite me said, “I saw a bunch of them last night.” You could’ve said something, woman! I deserve to know so that I can protect myself aptly. I can’t really sleep on trains because of this. I always imagine rats running over my face while I’m sleeping and slithering into my various orifices *brrr*. But thankfully, I didn’t have to confront any of them in hand to paw combat.

 Cartoon Network isn’t the most accurate source of understanding what a rat really looks like.
I came to Hyderabad believing that autos have meters here and that I wouldn’t have to shell out as much cash for an auto than I do back home. That hasn’t turned out to be the case so far. None of the autos that I’ve gone in have used meters. The drivers claim that the meters aren’t indicative of current petrol prices and so provide false prices. I believe that that’s horseshit, but what can I do?
My travel buddy, Rahul, started out to be an eager beaver on this trip because its his first time to Hyderabad. He prepared a list of places to see here and wanted to “explore”. He looked like this when we left:
YAYAYAYAY, I’m going to Hyderabad!
Anyway, yesterday we went to Golconda Fort, the most popular tourist place in Hyderabad. It was fun, climbing on ruins and trying to act cool for the camera. Today we went to Inorbit Mall, a huge place that has literally everything you need to satisfy your girlfriend (doesn’t sell masculinity, but there are accessories to get you there). We also went to Sarvi Bakery, where we tried out a popular Hyderabadi dish for the Ramzan season (which seems to have started) called Haleem.
The dish that Hyderabadis run in droves to get.
Rahul genuinely believed that eating this dish would give turn his stomach upside down, but I actually liked it. It takes some getting used to; its apparently made by steaming goat and lamb meat, including their bones, for 8 hours, while seasoning the mix. It has a porridge-like texture and an unusual taste. There are meaty chunks in it, but its really special.
I’ve always known Hyderabad to have really pleasant weather, but right noww it’s raining cats, dogs, and bats (pun intended). Sudhish saw TDKR at Thursday’s preview show, courtesy of Sathyam Cinemas and gave it a 10/10. My buddy Adarsh has already seen it twice in two days. Padma, a total non-movie person, saw TDKR today and LOVED it so much that she wants to see again, right now. So obviously, having come all this way, I’m more than a little bit restless to sit in the IMAX theatre and have the experience I’ve been waiting for 4 years. I love how TDKR is polarizing a lot of people, because I expected it to do so. It’s a finale, treat it with some melancholy. Bring your Bat-baggage to the theatre, people. Don’t walk in expecting another buildup film, because from what I’ve seen, TDKR gives an epic conclusion to the trilogy. (Note: 14 people were killed at a TDKR premiere in the US. Talk about disgruntled Batfans.)
Rahul has been watching The Wire as if it were porn. Is it really that good? If there are any readers out there, give me your opinions. My next post will definitely be after TDKR so that I can give my thoughts. I have a feeling that I’ll love it, I so cannot wait.

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