Who reads my blog?

The rate I’ve been blogging at has increased rapidly since I first started, and I’m quite proud of it. I’m really surprised that after every new blog post my page views increase. However, I haven’t really seen any activity from my readers (if there really are any) in the form of comments/followers. Not to be rude or anything…


OK, I had to get that out of my system. It’s quite unnerving when your readers are invisible and your blogs are like those messages in bottles that end up floating in outer space that somehow get read by someone, somewhere, but you really don’t know if it’s been read yet.

To that effect, if there are any readers who keep visiting my blog regularly, please give me feedback on my posts…I’d like there to be some opinion on what I write. Blogs are hubs for discussion and debate, and that is my goal for this blog.

So, just comment if you want to, like if you have something to add…no pressure. Really.

But then again, I should take Sean Bean’s advice.


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