Blogging from my HTC One X

My HTC one x is more expensive than a PlayStation 3 or an Xbox 360. That sucks. I would have gotten those had I known that they had become so cheap.

My HTC one x is a machine. It works so beautifully. My previous phone, the Sony xperia x10 mini pro was a piece of shit. Seriously. Everything was wrong with it: its sliding QWERTY keyboard, its display (which chose not to show up every now and then), the alarm rang at different times and basically its screen size was 1/10th the size of the one x’s screen. Sad.

Anyway, my friend Padma names objects that she owns. She has a stuffed elephant called Ellie and some other animals whose names I forget. She recently bought into the notion that Microsoft is making a comeback with its new Windows phone-nokia handsets with the tiles template (she’s paying dearly for that mistake). I thought of naming my phone…but even my zaniness didn’t provide me with a solution. For to place a name on this wondrous piece of engineering was to limit its wonder.

My HTC has access to an explosive app store, so I have an app for practically everything. My favorite apps right now are Pulse, instagram, flipboard and whatsapp. Pulse has blown open my mind my introducing me to new sites and ideas that I was never aware of. The jelly bean keyboard app has excellent prediction and I can’t wait for the update.

But, like all of us, my HTC has its flaws. Its WiFi range is pretty small and I can’t access it from my own room. Wherever I go, I have to ensure at all times that its safe in my pocket. I have to guard it from my wily dog. But thats all secondary, the WiFi problem is its biggest flaw.

Overall, this phone is the closest thing to perfection. I’m perfectly fine with my Android and I think the power of the iPhone is extremely exaggerated…I’m perfectly content with my HTC, and so I chose to blog on my phone from my phone.


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