Analysis of an Ad

Advertisements are known to manipulate emotions of people so that they can project the product they’re selling as a need for people. But advertisements, in my opinion, can also influence culture around us. I recently saw an ad that made me fear its impact on children who watch it and also about what kind of values it propagates. Check it out:

Renault Ad

That’s the new ad for the Renault Scala in India. What strikes me as odd and repulsive is the behavior that Renault is encouraging subtly through this video: suck up to those rich friends of yours and reap the benefits. What happened to the whole idea of choosing your friends not because of their background but because of their personality? And the flip side of this stance in the ad is that the rich kid can buy friends with the money he has, encouraging negative behavior from people who can afford it. The moral behind this ad can be expanded to a bigger context, where the rich can get whatever they want done through money, leading to bribes, extortion and corruption of the system. Essentially, Renault is saying that all that is okay. Is this the culture that we live in today, where we accept these values simply because we can’t change them? Doesn’t anyone think that kids of the same age group as the ones depicted in the ad will be influenced by their actions?

This is just an observation of the new low that Renault has fallen into in an attempt to make more money. Shame on you, Renault. Tell me what you think in the comments, people.


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