Looper Fever

I just can’t wait for the most original film of this year. The 12 Monkeys of my generation. Every sci-fi geek’s dream movie. Looper.

Looper is set in a time where time travel has not yet invented, but will be, but only by the black market. The Mob sends back people they want murdered through time to the present, where Loopers do the job and dispose of the bodies. One such Looper is Joe (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), and he does his job efficiently. But one day, he’s assigned to kill someone he never thought he had to: himself. Or Old Joe (Bruce Willis).

Read that synopsis a hundred times and you’ll never tire of it. It’s so cool, so potentially fantastic. And completely original. I mean, yeah, it has its influences, but in this world of franchises based on action figures (see Transformers) and board games (see Ouija), it is a breath of fresh air. Here’s what I know about Looper so far:

  1. It’s directed by Rian Johnson, director of Brick and The Brothers Bloom (two great movies, but not fantastically awesome like Looper should be).
  2. It stars the above two Joes, Emily Blunt, Paul Dano, Piper Perabo and Jeff Daniels (fun fact: Daniels and Levitt are reunited from The Lookout, a 2007 heist flick where they played disabled people).
  3. This is Bruce Willis’ second time travel movie after 12 Monkeys (and he was bald in that too, so much for aging with time).
  4. It’s a $30 million co-production with China, which is why Looper is primarily set in Shanghai, I think (I’m writing all this from memory because I’ve had enough almost spoilers). Johnson originally set the story in Paris, because Joe’s arc is totally borrowed from Rick in Casablanca, but because he got the co-production, he changed the location, making it more in line with Blade Runner than anything else.
  5. The present of Looper is our future: 2042. So Old Joe comes from 2072. There are futuristic evolutionary specialities in some people, like TeleKinesis (TK) and something to do with eye drops.
  6. It’s rated 93% on Rotten Tomatoes.
  7. The score by Nathan Johnson (Rian’s cousin) was primarily done with field recordings of industrial fans, car door slams, Gatling gun sounds (one character in the movie, Kid Blue, uses it) and other unique sounds because Nathan hates perfect music in film scores. See: Day in the Life
  8. Joseph Gordon-Levitt needed 3 hours of make up everyday to look like a younger Bruce Willis. One day his mother was looking for him and couldn’t recognize the man who appeared in front of her.
  9. Emily Blunt is said to be a single mother who has her own farm, and Old Joe hides from Joe over there.
  10. Here’s a funny video of Rian Johnson introducing a midnight screening of Looper at the Arclight Theatre under the guise of an employee over there.
  11. Rian Johnson says that the films that greatly influenced Looper were The Terminator and Witness.
  12. There’s some great Looper art out there on the tumblr page, as well as fan art all over the web. Not a fact about the movie, but needs to be mentioned because it’s so cool.

I’m catching Looper on Oct 12, first show, and I shall write about it soon. Can’t wait!


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