Freddie Quell in ‘I’m Still Here’

In The Master, Joaquin Phoenix plays a tortured World War II Navy veteran who adjusts to a normal life, fails at adjusting, and then follows Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Lancaster Dodd, founder of an organization called the Cause. Joaquin’s performance is excellent, and one of the ways he communicates the trauma he’s been through is through his body movements, the most iconic being this pose:

JP in The Master

‘You talkin’ to me?’

Phoenix in The Master

Shit like this gets you an Oscar nomination…

24/7 in character...

24/7 in character…

But before The Master, Joaquin acted in I’m Still Here, a documentary where he plays himself. Looks like he was already practicing Quell’s posture:

Yup, he's still there...

Yup, he’s still there…

Well, practice makes perfect even for the best actors out there…


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