NaPoWriMo 2013 #2

The Woman

She walks in beauty, like the night
A maiden so pure, is she a sprite?
An aura embodied, she just might
Not exist.

A spirit torn between
Two planes, and traverses, unseen
Through a cosmic maze.
Like the wind that blows through trees
And the love that flows through hearts.

What does she seek,
In this swallowing darkness
That acts as a sepulchre
For the travelling masses.
One minute there, the next gone
Without so much as a elegiac song.

The laws of physics don’t apply
To her, she chose to deny
Them to bind her down as a mortal
And chain her away from the portal.

Speaking of which, as she appears,
The blue oval behind her disappears
Into a translucent flickering myriad of spheres
That roll into the dark.

Her hair is the color
Of the leaves that burn in the autumn light.
(That cliche that men so adore
And associate with mighty Aphrodite)

And as she inches towards me
I think these thoughts with lusty glee
My body shivers with ecstasy,
Shivers with delight.

But then tragedy strikes!
I see two red hot horns,
Peeking from the cluster of leaves
And a tail that snakes behind her feet!
And the smell of brimstone hits my face!

Satan’s Mistress grabs my cock
Cuts the crap and the small talk
And drags me back to Hell
My new home.


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