NaPoWriMo 2013 #3

The Glances of Eternity

There is a game that I like to play
Called The Glances of Eternity.
It begins when my eyes are led astray
Into the world around me.

I play this game most often
Under the drunken haze of ennui.
That slice of time when the mind
Is hollow, bereft of thought or duty.

I play this game most often
While being transported from A to B.
My body dulled by the rhythms
Of bumpy metal boxes,
That through the city,
Move haltingly.

And so freed, my balls of sight
Undulate erratically.
And the streets, the shops, the people,
They absorb superficially.
(Thanks to my glass bubble
I don’t get faced with the troubles
That trouble those not like me.)

And then it happens out of nowhere.
Everything stops! Even Time!
And the game begins, as I
Catch the meandering eye
Of a drifting soul, a passerby.

This time, a portly man on a motorcycle.
Two men mashed as one
Our wandering eyes lock together
Under the soporific evening sun.
From his despondent eyes I see
A life of sorrowful gluttony,
A life of unwanted scrutiny,
And judgement, for taunting and teasing
Come with being a foodie.
But then his wedding ring tells me
That the sorrow ends in his domain.
A love that flows unconditionally
Is a love that keeps one sane.
I see into this man’s future,
This man who cannot see his own feet.
I see his obese children together
Made obese by the man’s first love: red meat.
And so the vicious cycle continues,
Generations upon generations of obesity.
Why do the mistakes of some
Remain indelible for eternity?

All this in just a second.
But then reality beckons.

My eyes are not orphaned for long,
They are adopted by an old lady.
I grasp the hint of a swan song
Faded by the heartache of being lonely.

She leans on a stick, her artificial leg
And betrays her desperate need to beg.
Her helpless eyes betray the shame
Of having children who are to blame
For cruelly abandoning her without
A hint of remorse or a flicker of doubt.
That’s the repayment for being a mother
Whose love can’t be replicated by any other.
So much for unconditional love.
I am the grandson she will never live to see
I am the only member of society
That sees her, knows the pain she feels
That knows the cracks on her dancing heels
Won’t go away, for her fate is certain
The last breaths she takes when they draw the curtain
Will be alone, alone, alone.
When the light fades from the day,
And her life fades from her body
I dare you to have the gall to say
Her miniscule joys outweighed her gaping miseries.
I roll down the window
To drop two coins worth
Two extra breaths,
Not a salve for her sorrow.
But a salve for my pity.

All this in just a second,
But then reality beckons.

The metal fish never stop,
Always swimming from place to place
And so my eyes chance upon
Yet another wandering face.

This time, the face of a fellow player
A beautiful girl, near divine
Our eyes lock together
And read our lives with our minds.
An imagined love begins to brew
Our hearts one when previously two
What once was cheesy is now pure:
Long walks by the sea,
Long drives to drink tea (or coffee)
Early in the morning, or to see
The sun rise from the highest tower
In the city.
An infinite romance built on dreams,
Suddenly gets severed by the streams
Of traffic that incessantly flow
And so my lover moves on, taking
These thoughts with her, but not the feelings
That come with it, and making
The game come to an end.

All this in just a second,
But then reality beckons.

Highway 401 Night Lapse Busy – Wikimedia Commons CC-BY-2.0


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