NaPoWriMo 2013 #5

Armchair Traveller

She is halfway between
The two chasms of darkness
Two periods in a sentence
That define a life.

Her house is a ruin
Beautiful, but empty
A cavernous calamity
Of the terror of time.

Her body is a cage
That grows with age
Her youthful buttocks are now shaped
As the seat of her favorite armchair.

She has never boarded a plane
Or debarked from a train
She has no interest to rent a car
To take her places afar.

And yet she travels, across land and sea
And space, if the opportunity presents itself
There’s no telling where she goes each day
The search for electrons has is an easier find.

In her travels, the woman is not always herself
She is the Countess of Sussex,
The detective Luisa Rey,
The magician Mr. Electrico.
She adopts all these identities with aplomb,
Untired of the adventures that fill her soul.

She feels the feeling of youth again and again
And the madness of insanity
She feels the feeling of the kiss of death
Reminding her of her mortality.

Every journey is an umbilical cord
That snaps at the last page
The End is always a bittersweet moment
A begrudging farewell to yet another stage.

Eventually the woman went on a voyage
To the planet Mars.
And though she had visited it before
Not like this, not under these stars.
So desolate and dreamy was the red soil
And utterly soaked with green intrigue
She met daring people who dared to live
In the direst of circumstances, it would seem
To see her former home from such a great distance
She didn’t feel a hint of homesickness
And so she decided that she would spend the rest of her days on the Red Planet.

The End.


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