Lifecycle of a WordPress Blogger

1. You’re walking on the street, minding your own business, one half conscious of your surroundings, the other following weird trains of thought. And then suddenly you get an idea for a great blog post. You started thinking about that, and a feeling of satisfaction hits your brain.

2. You’re back home, you start up the computer and start typing away. Forget finesse, this is typed up in a mad frenzy, mostly because you’re glad you got the idea because your blog’s been inactive for quite a while. You don’t remember the last time you posted, but that doesn’t matter, you get back into the groove of things.

3. The post is done in its first and final draft. Forget rewriting, you wrote from your heart and you want to get that post out there already! You click ‘Publish’.

4. And then you close the tab and go to Facebook, as if you were uninterested in whether the post gets any responses or not. Five minutes later, the suspense is killing you, and you go back to the Reader. You stare at the blue header line, at the ‘Comments’ icon that’s still blue and white. And then suddenly, it morphs into an orange box with a white star! 1 Like, good for you! You check your Stats, and you’ve got 3 views! Nice!

5. You close the tab again and check your email, where the notification from WordPress is waiting for you. You’re pretty pleased with yourself.

6. The next 24 hours are spent constantly checking those Stats. You want to see if your post is THAT good, which it turns out to be, because you’re followed by two bloggers.

7. Now, once the views have plateaued, you need a new blog post to sustain the new interest in your site. Another 24 hours goes in thinking. But what could it be? None of the ideas you get stand up to the last one you had, and they’re all pretty boring, or they require intense research, something you’re not prepared to do.

8. A week goes by in creative procrastination. No more ‘Likes’ or ‘Comments’ for the old post now. And nothing new yet. You’re desperate, but that only makes things even more difficult. You’re a perfectionist, you can’t just make a haphazard random post for your followers! And so you wait for the right idea…and wait…and wait…

9. A month later, a new idea. And the cycle starts all over again.


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