The Awkward Erection

‘Twas the moment when she laid herself bare
And told me her deepest secrets and secret scares
The kind of moment that only happens in the half-light
Where lips move in the dark and eyes out of sight.
Connected by trust embedded in whispers
My heart wanted me to lean forward and kiss her.
But my mind ultimately decided for the better,
Or perhaps not.

Concealed in the dark, it happened ever so slowly,
Gently, imperceptible at first, even to me,
That soft rubbery mass of muscle that comes with every male
Awakened from slumber, as if triggered by her despondent tales.
It called for nourishment and attempted to rise,
Only to be thwarted by Jockey at a certain size,
And so it remained, throbbing, pulsating,
Becoming stronger with every second passing…

Its awakening split me into two different people
One listening to her stories, the other dueling with the muscle:
A supposedly simple case of mind over matter, but
Matter was taught to stay strong in the face of adversity,
Trained to hold position until we got some privacy.
But there’s only so much it could do before gravity
Took over, only for it to inexplicably
Flick upward again, seemingly fueled by her words,
When she spoke of her parents’ mutual animosity,
When she explained her issues of insecurity,
When she rued over her sexuality,
Flicking like a speedometer moving in the city.

The bigger it became, the more it outwardly twisted,
Gasping for air, suffocated, by the claustrophobia
It rolled on its side to avoid nausea
Constantly course correcting and peeking to see a
Way out of the dark.

How could I be aroused by her vulnerability?
But how could I not, ’twas expressed most tenderly.
Maybe it was also the physical proximity,
As she wrapped her arm around mine firmly.
Maybe it was the power I felt with the free flowing trust
That manifested itself in this sign of lust.
But I had grown used to her physical form,
It rose unbeknownst to me,
Shamed by the perversion it displayed,
I avoided her face lest it betrayed
My inner repulsion.

As we turned to hug farewell,
I maintained some distance to hide
The extent to which it chose to swell
And expand inside.
Instinct obliterates intelligence,
Its desires can’t be denied.
For if it were, this would be Utopia,
And I wouldn’t suffer from the paranoia
Of dealing with something beyond my control
That remains bulging on my way home.
And once I reach well, you know the rest…


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