Is less explicit and more subtle sexual innuendo indicative of the kind of music that endures the test of time?

Take the ’70s smash hit Afternoon Delight. Everyone knew what the song was about, but on the surface level it wasn’t apparent from the actual lyrics. Look at how it has made its mark:

(Watch from 3:10)

This is a song that has invaded American pop culture acutely with lasting results. On the other hand, take Flo Rida’s Whistle:

Now, you have to be the most naive and unassuming person on the planet to not know what this song is really about. The contrast between these two songs is indicative of how American society has expanded its definition of what’s socially acceptable, what’s appropriate for American kids to be exposed to. But even with its millions of YouTube views, will it stand the test of time and remain a song people will keep singing 40 years from now? I think the answer is obvious.


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