Ode to Friendship

My father chose to write this ode to his friend on his friend’s 50th birthday. I helped.

Of all the ships that sail the seas
And weather the ebb and flow of Neptune
I most value those Friendships and Families
With which I have had good fortune.

Each ship sails on its own path
Each with its own set of catechisms
And though Family has its own pleasures
With Friendships there are no -isms.

Time is Man’s sempiternal enemy
That evades control with perniciousness
Friends enable Man to conquer Time with Memory
While journeying backwards in nostalgic bliss.

With friends there are no expectations
We can expose ourselves as we are
No intangible chains that shackle expression
We are who we are.

With friends there is no judgement
Our eyes untainted by our actions
Souls bared, no predicament
Speak the truth, face no redaction.

Raman, you stand apart as
An exemplar of the qualities described
This special day that you celebrate has
Your insignia completely inscribed.


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