Earth Day

There was a time, so long ago,
When we knelt before you
To collectively show
The love that pulsed through
When the wind ran through our hair
And the water slipped on our feet
And the fire tickled our arms
When we needed heat.
When we worshipped the mysteries
Instead of dissecting them cynically
When the sky was so blue
Uncanny, yet so true
An expanse of infinity
That expanded infinitely,
Until you explained it, constricting possibility
Without the least bit of humility
And we mourned the death of trees
With ululations that would never cease
And we sacrificed to appease
Your thunderous wrath when displeased.

And then
As we evolved, so did our doubt
When we called for you, and did shout
For you, you did not appear
And so we feared
You had abandoned us and moved on
The skies were empty, the blue remained
But the blue was now gravely stained
With the pain of loss, that exclusive pain
That pushed us far away.
Away from blind acceptance and towards understanding
Away from belief and towards answering
What was not meant to be answered.

And then.
Now you have aged, greys in the blues
Greys in the greens, greys in all hues
The air is heavier, the water is darker
The fire burns slower, and you look starker
The sky is blue no more,
But a natural phenomena bore
No more is it in our nature
To care about Nature
To be dazzled by the rapture
That enraptured us before.
That feeling has been stamped out over billions of years
Reduced to the shedding of tears
For slaughtered animals, not even plants
The digital wonders have shown us unparalleled beauty
In its layers of virtual reality

So Happy Birthday Earth,
As we celebrate your birth
We should revel in mirth
To distract us from the truth
That our future will have to live with a dearth
Of your soul.

Attribution: Virmalised, aurora borealis 2.jpg by Janek Pam, CC-BY-SA-3.0

(NaPoWriMo 2013 #22)


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