From One Ex-Friend To Another

Were we ever friends
Or was I just friendly to you?
Acknowledging your presence
But really seeing through
The labels that serve as screens
And blind us to what’s true:
That sometimes a friendship is a noxious brew
Better disposed of than painfully consumed.

‘Twas founded on shaky ground
A victim of circumstance
United by mutual need,
United by fated Chance
We might have won what we won
(What did we win?)
But it resulted in my dependence on
You and your crazy whims.

Crazy, ah it feels relieving,
To be able to say it without deceiving
The vague contract you believed
Bound us together in solidarity.

You were always so, so, so fake
With your language half-baked
You were an expert in everything
And I, ignorant, knew nothing
Your tongue, independently realised,
Spewed opinions poorly devised
Their rotten smells wrapped and disguised
In a confident and loquacious enterprise.

In public, you humiliated me
In private, you admonished me
But tolerance is like thin ice
After a certain point, it breaks.

I’m just sick and tired
Of being a different person around you.
Maybe it’s the way I’m wired,
To want friendships straight and true

You say one thing, you do another
If your plans differed, why even bother?
Just seeing you makes me feel down
Why should I be around someone that makes me frown?

We’ve gone through this before
Where I try to completely close the door
But you keep sticking your foot in
And make me feel guilty and sore.

When I see you again,
I won’t see you as a friend
After all that we shared
This is the end.

(NaPoWriMo 2013 #25)


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