Lethal Iron Weaponry

This is a review of Iron Man Three, released in India on April 26, 2013.

Does the man make the suit
Or the suit make the man?
Does it even matter,
When you’re Iron Man?

It certainly does
When you just can’t sleep.
Tony Stark’s depressed
Without his superhero peeps
(Dying from blood toxicity
Isn’t a big thing any longer
What doesn’t kill you
Doesn’t really make you stronger).

In the extra time that he’s had,
He’s built more iron suits.
Last year it was Mark VII
Now it’s the MK 42.

He and his lady Pepper
Clearly haven’t shagged in weeks.
He gets a bigger joy
From his mechanical tweaks.

Meanwhile, a Buddhist monk
Who’s strayed far from the path,
Heralds a new age of Terror
He really needs a bath.

The Mandarin, they call him,
Or Ye Olde Lecherous Pervert (behind his back).
Played by Sir Ben Kingsley,
He’s Bin Laden on crack.

It starts off sluggishly
Like a drunkard trying to run,
But soon kicks into overdrive
And becomes a lot of fun.

The reason for this impossibility,
(Third times don’t work generally)
Is that Hollywood Master, Shane Black,
Who deals with the crowded world of superheroes
With admirable restraint and incredible tact.

He rises from the darkness after
Eight years living anonymously
(That reminds me of a hero from DC)
And hits the big time with an iron clang
(With a budget 10 times that of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang)
That produces geekgasms beautifully.

Particularly brilliant is the way
His writing works for RDJ.
Although some jokes didn’t work on an Indian audience,
Like “Sir Laurence Oblivier”.

Black’s writing crackles on the page,
The Three Act Structure is clear.
A steady hand, at every stage,
That allays any and all fears.

All his classic trademarks were called to my attention:
Setups, payoffs, raised stakes and witty banter
With the right dose of esoteric pop culture
To elevate even the most routine exposition.

By the Black wit, what I mean
Is the subversion of any normal scene,
Present in any stock suspense thriller,
To make it a Black Comedy killer.
(See: Lethal Weapon Franchise)

Skepticism lay in the action setpieces;
Could a writer deliver the required finesse?
At the end my heart pumped with satisfied vigor:
Each sequence is pure adrenaline,
Intense, epic awesomeness.

This isn’t your typical Marvel film;
The proceedings smell of conclusion
And not of franchise continuation,
The reason behind the Spidey situation.
Everything is brought full circle
Bookended with melancholy.
It lends an air of humanity
To an otherwise wisecracking entity.
This is the end of an initial trilogy
But it won’t stop Iron Man infinitely.

Since this is intended to remain
Free of that chimera called spoilers.
I will not strive to taint or stain
Your minds with my nitpicking brain.

Iron Man Three is the perfect combination
Of old school storytelling
And new age digital animation.
In 2008, we were introduced to
A remarkable character who
Needed three films to finally reveal
That behind that symbiotic iron shield,
From which he cannot permanently part,
Beats a strong, human, heart.


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