The Cookie Monster

Here’s a guest poem from Cookie Monster on his most favorite love. If you like it, try to show it in the comments!

Vanilla, lime, pistachio,
Hazelnut and cream,
Fresh out of the oven
And delicious with steam.

Some Anzac and some brandy snap,
Butter pecan if you please.
Fetch me all the shortbread,
I shall guzzle it with ease

Chocolate chip, single and double,
And some oatmeal raisin too.
Some with cashew and some with almonds
They’re all for me to chew!

Plain butter oozing richness
Some bran cookies dunked in milk
All vanish into my mouth
And melt inside like silk.

Cookies for lunch and dinner
And for breakfast and for tea
You may eat up all the veggies
But every cookie is for me!

Attribution: Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies by kimberlykv, CC-BY-2.0


6 thoughts on “The Cookie Monster

  1. When I was a little kid, my favorite fictional character by far was the Cookie Monster. One day, I lost it and my father, terribly sorry about that, bought me a new one. When we returned home, he found it in the laundry room, for no plausible reason. When I saw him bringing TWO Cookie Monsters, I went extremely happy right then, and cookies became my favorite dessert since then. Now, I’m going to Cookie College (also known as Penn), in August! C is for Cookie, and only for COOKIE!

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