Letter To My Followers: May 2013

Dear Realiction Readers,

We are now in May! I cannot believe five months have passed us by already, I still feel like 2013 is somehow new. I’m probably going to feel like this until July though. Maybe it’s because in school you could see the date everywhere you went, so you got used to the change faster.

April was a special month for Realiction. Over the month we hit more than 2250 views in total, and our readership expanded to a total of 66. Not bad at all in my opinion. Realiction also had the good fortune of being featured in the official NaPoWriMo page, as you probably already know, and we also created a special Facebook page here. Thanks all the love you guys have shared for the poetry I wrote through the month, I probably wouldn’t have gotten through without it.

Well, NaPoWriMo is over, and I hit the goal of 30 poems in 30 days elegantly (I love that last one I wrote). But I’m also considering extending my streak of doing a poem a day and see how far it goes. Even if it doesn’t, I think poetry will be a regular part of what I post.

Looking towards the future, there have been posts I have been putting off for a while now that need to be completed. They’re on a variety of different subjects, including Coursera, College and Kant (in the true spirit of this blog to not be pigeonholed in any way) Also, I’m considering writing reviews of books and movies and tech properly (like the Facebook Home one I squeezed in last month) just to experiment with them (there are ancient reviews on the site which I despise). I might also provide an account of my new Coursera course, Greek And Roman Mythology, as I’m taking it.

The lovely and maddening thing about this blog is that there is no plan and that whatever I decide to write about, I know that you’ll stick around. At least that is my hope. Here’s to another fantastic month on Realiction!

Yours truly,
Realiction Boy

P.S. Leave a comment on your favorite posts from last month!


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