Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites

As the tiny sprites take flight
Beautiful, swift and bright!
Gliding across the dreamy moon
Wishing they don’t come back soon

These sprites, when they take flight
Beautiful, swift and bright!
Hardly anyone notices them tonight
They’re so small, they’re out of sight

Those pinpricks of lights you see
Out of the corner of your eye
Are those sprites, see them flee!
Across the glowing night sky.

These sprites are like bees spreading fairy dust
Balancing the universe, a necessity
The mysteries of Life that can’t be explained
Are the sprites’ responsibility.

On this night, they glide over a meadow
Only for their glow to be muffled by a shadow
Of a perilous monster that lurks in the dark
Waiting in the grass like a bloodthirsty shark

One of the sprites catches his lousy attempt to hide
And shouts, “Oh My God!”, that perfect bromide.

As the yellow dots fly faster, the predator gives chase
Bounding on all fours, blinded by rage,
The earth quakes, it’s a shaky stage
The sprites fomented a primal desire
To eliminate the dots in a tornado of fire.

The monster blows fire, swats the air,
Attacks the sprites without remorse or care
The sprites duck, weave, dodge through trees
Shifting streams through the howling breeze.

With his talons, he crushes stray sprites, all the same
As swiftly as he tramples the soil beneath
As each sprite dies, magic dust burst in flames
The monster plays a fatal game.

The sprites that remained,
They were wise to take flight (and ne’er look back)
For when scary monsters meet nice sprites
It leads to sprite blood being stained
A tragic and melancholic sight
Beautiful, swift, and bright.


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