My Moviegoing Rules

Attribution: We watch only the most popular movies… by ecastro, CC-BY-2.0

I love watching movies, whether on my laptop, television, or the theatre. I don’t visit the theatre often, because of a small alternative called the Internet, but when I do go to the theatre, I follow a set of rules that give me the best moviegoing experience every single time.

I went to Iron Man 3 with a friend a couple of weeks ago and he pointed out that these rules are particularly irritating for anyone who decides to go for a movie with me, which is probably why I watch most movies alone or with people who don’t mind my rules (a select few). Here they are:

  1. It starts with selecting which theatre I want to go to in the city. Chennai has several theatres, but the only one that is worth going to is Sathyam Cinemas, in the Royapettah and Thiruvanmiyur areas of Chennai. I could go into a whole explanation of why they’re the best theatre chain in the city, but that’s bound to bore you. It works for me because of its access, ambience and atmosphere. Oh, and their popcorn is pretty good too. 
  2. I always select my theatre seats in either the second or third rows of any screen and always in the middle or next to the centre aisle. It doesn’t matter whether the movie is in 3D or not, I find that being as up close as possible to the screen is important for the immersive experience that the big screen offers. I find it quite odd that most people jump for the last row in theatres, why would anyone want to be away from the movie? In fact, when I went to Life of Pi with a couple of my friends, I traded a ticket my friend had bought (in the last row, damn him) for a ticket five rows ahead. Yes, I’m that anal about it.
  3. I leave from my place an hour before the movie’s show time because I generally get there by the bus. Because of this inbuilt timing mechanism, if I go with a friend who has a car, or if I go there myself in a car, then I’m always early by at least half an hour. It’s better to go early than to be late; I hate missing any part of a movie, especially its opening scenes.
  4. Putting my cellphone on Silent Mode before the movie starts. Obviously.
  5. Not stepping out of the theatre during the interval if I’m watching the movie for the first time. I always end up coming back too late and the movie starts and like I said, I hate missing any part of it.
  6. I hate people who talk on their phones or amongst themselves or even look at their phones during a movie. I’m the kind of guy who shushes people and tells people to put their phones away.
  7. I only get popcorn for a movie. And Coke if someone else wants it.
  8. I hate watching English movies with subtitles. Not a rule, but a common gripe I guess.

So those are my moviegoing rules, at least habits that I’ve cultivated over the years of watching movies in the theatre. What rules or habits do you have for going to the movies?


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