Letter To My Followers: May 2013

Dear Realiction Readers,

We are now in May! I cannot believe five months have passed us by already, I still feel like 2013 is somehow new. I’m probably going to feel like this until July though. Maybe it’s because in school you could see the date everywhere you went, so you got used to the change faster.

April was a special month for Realiction. Over the month we hit more than 2250 views in total, and our readership expanded to a total of 66. Not bad at all in my opinion. Realiction also had the good fortune of being featured in the official NaPoWriMo page, as you probably already know, and we also created a special Facebook page here. Thanks all the love you guys have shared for the poetry I wrote through the month, I probably wouldn’t have gotten through without it.

Well, NaPoWriMo is over, and I hit the goal of 30 poems in 30 days elegantly (I love that last one I wrote). But I’m also considering extending my streak of doing a poem a day and see how far it goes. Even if it doesn’t, I think poetry will be a regular part of what I post.

Looking towards the future, there have been posts I have been putting off for a while now that need to be completed. They’re on a variety of different subjects, including Coursera, College and Kant (in the true spirit of this blog to not be pigeonholed in any way) Also, I’m considering writing reviews of books and movies and tech properly (like the Facebook Home one I squeezed in last month) just to experiment with them (there are ancient reviews on the site which I despise). I might also provide an account of my new Coursera course, Greek And Roman Mythology, as I’m taking it.

The lovely and maddening thing about this blog is that there is no plan and that whatever I decide to write about, I know that you’ll stick around. At least that is my hope. Here’s to another fantastic month on Realiction!

Yours truly,
Realiction Boy

P.S. Leave a comment on your favorite posts from last month!


A Letter To My Followers

Dear Realiction Readers,

When I woke up this morning I saw a letter from WordPress regarding a new theme for their Theme Thursday weekly update. The theme was Truly Minimal from FlareThemes, and when I saw it, I knew I had to change this blog’s design. For a while now I have been searching for a design that gave me the beautiful text focused feel of our last theme, Manifest, while also giving readers a superior navigational experience, which Manifest didn’t provide.

The problem with Manifest was that if users wished to navigate they either had to go to the Archives page or to the bottom of the Home Page, and I found this extremely cumbersome. No other theme would do the job for me, except Truly Minimal. Now some of you might say that I acted in haste and some of you might say that this is a step forward for Realiction. I myself do not know whether this change is here to stay, but right now is looks like a step forward in the right direction.

The goal of better navigation has been achieved with a sidebar on the right, with a Time Machine of archives and a Category Cloud. I’ve thrown in a search bar as well for those of you who want really specific posts, but bear in mind that the search bar isn’t for tags, it’s for words within each post. So say you wanted to search for a post on James Bond and ended up with one of personal posts that has a joke about James Bond, that’s no glitch. There are 7 interactive widgets on the sidebar, and two for Creative Commons purposes.

The header is a work-in-progress at the moment because, the design mongoloid that I am, I messed up the image size that’s optimal for a header. And there are a couple of things that are different from Manifest and Truly Minimal that you will pick up as you move around the site. But I hope that you will get used to it, as I am currently.

As you may have noticed, I have been posting a poem each day. That’s because April is National Poetry Writing Month, as you can see from the button on the sidebar and so this month will be filled with poetry. I have been getting some great responses so far, so I know I’m doing something right. Today I’ll be trying out a different kind of poem that might just become a regular format on the blog, stay tuned!

To conclude, I’d like to say Thank You for your support in different ways and for continually coming back to read what I’ve been writing. I wouldn’t be sticking around if not for you guys.

Yours truly,
Nikhil Venkatesa

P.S. Let me know if Truly Minimal is Truly Realiction in the comments, whether you like it or you want Manifest to come back.