Refreshing naturalism…

I saw this video and I was blown away. In 3.27 minutes, I had gone on a short trip to Hampi, a place I had never been to before. It felt so real, the journey with Vinoth, the narrator, as he explains his attachment to Hampi and conveys his awe as best he can. This video was shot by a friend of a friend, Anoodha Kunnath, and she’s captured such natural moments on camera that requires split-second attentiveness. It isn’t easy, which is why I appreciated it all the more. Some of the visuals are picture-perfect, especially towards the end.

Another reason why this video is so awesome is because of the voice over by Vinoth. He weaves in his personal tale and his tale of passion as we follow him along the hollowed pillars and the weathered rock. I could instantly connect with his ambition because I’m an urban guy. The music also set me in the mood for hanging out around history. It has the perfect blend of personality, looks and emotion.

Vinoth Chander, Anoodha Kunnath, Anisha Crasto, you are talented individuals. Keep exploring your passions to give us stunning results.

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