Meet ‘Not Quite The Western Front’

Today marks the end of a significant journey for me. It is the closing night of my latest show, ‘Not Quite The Western Front’, staged by the South Asian theater group on campus, PenNaatak. I wrote and directed one of the plays in the show, ‘The Elephant’, while another student, Hamza Qaiser, wrote and directed ‘A Problem of Perception’, the other play in the show. While I will write a more substantial post looking back on the making of ‘The Elephant’, I wanted to post the trailers to each of the plays, simply because I find them ridiculously funny (we wrote the trailers as well).

‘The Elephant’ is set in an alternate version of 18th century, one where the Indians conquered England instead of the other way around. Amidst a land of cultural osmosis and fractured identities, the play follows Lady Emma Greenway as she navigates her various lovers on a fateful Valentine’s Day. Oh, and there’s an actual elephant as well.

‘A Problem of Perception’ is set in contemporary Pakistan, and follows the journey of the Lashkar-e-Halwa, a bumbling terrorist group that is struggling to maintain its stronghold over the Valley. The ISI has given them an ultimatum to shape up, otherwise it threatens to go after them with brute force.